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EXCOR is a mechanical, pulsatile ventricular assist device (VAD). The paracorporeal VAD is used for the short to long-term support of the left and/or right ventricular pumping function.

EXCOR Pediatric is designed for use in young patients from newborns to adolescents.

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Excellent long-term results, even after use over many years.

Support as an LVAD, RVAD and BVAD.

Wide scope of application: Bridging until transplantation or until myocardial recovery.

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EXCOR pumps

Restoration of the blood perfusion required for supplying the organs in heart failure.

Improvement of the end-organ function and of the general condition.

Transparent materials to inspect the blood-carrying components

Carmeda BioActive heparin coating to reduce thrombotic deposits.

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IKUS stationary driving unit

For stationary use with the EXCOR blood pumps.

Biventricular operation in synchronous mode, asynchronous mode or with independent control of the pumps.

High degree of safety due to multiple redundancy.

Automatic 30-minute battery power supply in the event of mains power failure