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HVAD advantage

The HeartWare HVAD Pump is the world’s smallest, commercially available, full-support centrifugal VAD designed to be implanted completely within the pericardial space.




The HeartWare HVAD System is the most widely studied implanted centrifugal ventricular device.

2000+ patients enrolled ins HeartWare HVAD trials.



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350 hospitals trust the HeartWare HVAD  System.

47 countries around the world

totalling more than 15,000 patients.






Self Photos / Files - 6677We continually learn and innovate, further advancing the treatment of end-stage heart failure, striving to improve patient outcomes and the clinical experience of your practice.

The controller is a mini computer that monitors the HVAD pump. It provides text messages and audible alarms to help you manage the system. The controller and batteries together weigh less than 1.6 kg.