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Cardionovum LEGFLOW RX/OTW® Paclitaxel Releasing Peripheral Balloon Dilatation Catheter

The new LEGFLOW Paclitaxel-releasing peripheral balloon dilatation catheter provides a clinically most successful treatment of peripheral artery disease, and ensures a long-term vessel patency.  It is suitable for treating long lesions, especially in small diameter vessels and areas in which flexion and compression of the stent may occur and result in stent fractures, particularly in the below-the-knee area.


LEGFLOW ‘SAFEPAX’ technology utilizes the clinically important, stable nanocrystalline PTX drug coating. SAFEPAX. 0.1µm unsurpassed small PTX particulates provide a maximum protection from downstream micro-embolization effects to minimize the risk potential of any thrombotic event. The biological ’SAFEPAX’ drug release matrix avoids the side effects of plasticizer or contrast media drug excipients. Especially for the treatment of lower limb ischemia patients, the ‘SAFEPAX’ PTX drug coating of Legflow minimizes any undesirable risk of pro-thrombotic side effects, which might be associated with Paclitaxel.


When invisibility equals safety!

1. LEGFLOW DCB PTX coating of non visibly small 0.1µm PTX particulates appear as safe as POBA.

2. Other DCBs with ‘unstable’ and brittle balloon coatings, consisting of large 2.0µm-3.0µm (visible) PTX crystals, bear a risk for the physician and patients.

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‘Stable’ vs. ‘unstable’ DCB PTX coating